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Here you go - this was supposed to be in ep 10x05.
No idea why they decided not to develop this storyline
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"We made a good couple Kate."

"For the Jerry Springer Show"


"I can’t believe I called POTUS a wiseass."

12x02 - Kill the Messenger


they deserved a happy ending. it’s not about me wanting them to have a happy ending, it’s about two souls so wracked with pain but healed by the others touch deserving a happy ending and a love filled life and they didn’t get it and that’s why I’m still angry a year later.

"So, tell me about Ziva."

Tony&Ziva | Say it with love

Tony: [watching as Ziva disarms a bomb] I can see down your shirt right now.
Ziva: I don't think your new girlfriend would like that.
Tony: What are you talking about? I don't know what you're talking about.
Ziva: I'm talking about you, and the fact that you no longer stare at every woman when they pass you by.
Tony: Well, I'm looking down your shirt right now.
Ziva: See anything good?
Tony: Yeah. Real good, but I'm not entirely sure it's worth dying -- [winces as Ziva cuts a wire] -- over.
Ziva: Not worth dying over. [zips up her jacket] I'll remember that.
Tony: What if I said it was?
Ziva: Now you'll never know.


Let’s share a minute of silence for our souls. One year ago he left her in the airport.